Online Counselling Fees

Duration of Session

The duration of each therapy session is 50 minutes.  I will begin to wrap up the session after 45 minutes, and the session will be finished after 50 minutes.  We will normally meet on weekly basis.    


I charge €60 per individual session (Low Cost €40 per session). I have limited places available for low lost counselling for people who are unemployed.  All applications for low cost online counselling must be made in writing to  Clients pay the agreed fee before the session.  The amount is agreed with me during the initial process.  Please let me know if there is a change in your financial circumstances whilst in therapy.  You can make payment for sessions via Kara Connect platform.

Cancellation or Change of Appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible.  You must give me 24hrs notice or there will be a full charge for the missed session. In the unlikely event that I need to reschedule a session, the client will be notified at least 24 hours in advance and an alternative appointment will be offered.  Due to the high demand, I ask that if you do decide to stop coming for therapy that you would let me know.


Confidentiality is one of the most fundamental ethical and legal obligations owed by counsellors to their clients.  All counselling is confidential as laid down by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Code of Ethics.  Everything we discuss in our sessions is confidential except the following:

  • If I evaluate that you are a danger to yourself, others or me.
  • A disclosure abuse involving a minor (under the age of 18) or any other child protection issues emerges.
  • If I know, believe or have good cause to suspect that a child has been harmed, is being harmed, or is at risk of being harmed. 

In the case where I think it is necessary to breach confidentiality, I will contact G.P. or family member / friend.  All child protection concerns must be discussed with my supervisor.  Supervision is a requirement of psychotherapist to offer guidance and support, and to ensure that I am working ethically and competently.  If I discuss you in supervision, distinguishing details will be altered and your identity kept anonymous.  Whenever possible, this will be done with your knowledge and is aimed at making sure that you are cared for and safe at all times.  It is duty of care rather than a breach of confidentiality.


By accepting the client agreement, clients agree to adhere to the following:

  • Clients accept responsibility for checking that the laws in their country of residence permit the use of this service.
  • Clients have read the full client agreement.  Clients accept that the publication of details concerning  therapy sessions must not be undertaken without the prior written consent of the therapist.
  • Client accept that contact between client and therapist take within the session, the only exceptions being for the purpose of cancellation or rescheduling or per contracted by client and therapist.
  • Clients agree to disclose honestly their medical history and all current medications.
  • Clients understand that this is not a free service and that all sessions are subject to payment in advance.


To finish counselling, you need to give me least possible of two sessions notice.  The purpose is to provide a period of time to resolve any unaccomplished issues and end the sessions safely.

GDPR & Security

All personal information and notes are held in accordance with GDPR and Yes Counselling & Psychotherapy privacy policy.  Please see for the full privacy policy.  I guarantee that my computer is regularly updated with antivirus software.  All calls both video and phones are carried out in a safe not interrupted private setting in my home therapy room.  Clients are responsible for making the essential arrangements to ensure confidentiality from their end during sessions and afterwards where computers may be shared.  Personal data is required for my own records and may be stored by me in a secure file and may not be released to a third party except under court order.  

Number of Sessions of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Whilst the number of sessions required depends upon your individual needs and the how complex are the issues disclosed.  I would propose that you attend least possible six sessions of therapy to benefit from the process.  This is reviewed at the sixth session and at six week intervals thereafter.

Ethics and Professional Practice

I abide by the APA, & NAPCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (copy available on the APA, & NAPCP websites).